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  • Dr. Audrey Shanley Ure is a trained naturopathic practitioner  who has a deep commitment to the needs of people.  As a patient herself, she understands the need to involve the wider medical profession in any matter beyond her scope of practice.  This commitment stems from her personal faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and a God-given desire to care for the needs of the whole person, always in line with the teaching and principles found in the Bible, the Word of God.  I have no hesitation in recommending her services.  - Pastor Ted S, Dryden  


  • My relationship with the South Okanagan Naturopathic clinic has been through the medium of email and has been very beneficial to my overall way of life during the past 1 and ˝ years.

    Due to a serious illness, an acquaintance recommended I contact Audrey Ure by e-mail at the South Okanagan Naturopathic clinic. I had been searching for ways in which I could improve my quality of life. Being that I live in another city, I realised my contact with Audrey would be primarily by the Internet. The relationship I have with Audrey and the staff at South Okanagan Naturopathic Clinic stood the test of e-mail and the benefits have significantly affected my life for the better.

    Since my initial e-mail contact with Audrey, I have been enriched and assisted in ways that have been and still are a blessing. I found that despite the fact we were corresponding by Internet rather than in person, the information, the knowledge and the understanding that Audrey and Sherry has supplied me has been invaluable.

    I was, prior to my introduction to Audrey, the novice of novice’s when it came to grasping a holistic approach to life. With Audrey’s help and patience, I have been guided through the maze of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and the benefits of eating wholesome, organic foods.

    During the time I have known Audrey and contacted her by e-mail, there has never been a question too silly to ask or any question or questions that didn’t receive an informative and timely response. Audrey has both suggested and supplied me with excellent reference materials and resources that are appropriate for my condition. I am impressed by her professionalism, and her continued educational pursuits to ensure that people like myself are getting the latest and best information. I realise by writing Audrey and connecting with her by e-mail, I have a wonderful, if not small, library of saved e-mails containing the many suggestions and helpful information she has supplied me with over the last year and a half.

    Audrey has consistently blessed me with her concern for the whole person - body, mind, soul and spirit. I appreciate her guidance and the vast knowledge she has due to her chosen vocation.

    I highly recommend South Okanagan Naturopathic clinic to any one who is looking for solid and reliable help in the field of holistic medicine either in person or by e-mail. The effectiveness of the information I have been supplied with has helped me live a healthier life. -Leslie F.,Richmond, B.C.


  • My wife and I can certainly recommend Audrey and Sherry as two caregivers who really care.  - Brian M., Osoyoos, B.C.


  • Sherry and Audrey have helped us a immensely with many of our health concerns.  - Shirley and Harry H., Oliver, B.C.


  • As an R.N.,  I believe that healing can only occur when we take responsibility for our own well-being; physically, emotionally and spiritually.  As a Christian I feel very confident in recommending Dr. Audrey and Dr. Sherry Ure as  complementary practitioners who are dedicated to working with others who practice conventional medicine.  I speak as someone who has had to face the challenges of living with an autoimmune disease.  - Wendy O.W., Kelowna, B.C.


  • I am eight years old and have been seeing Dr. Audrey.  I had lots of ear infections.  My mom took me to a pediatrician who said that I was "deaf as a post" because I had liquid in my ears caused by dust and mould.  Dr Audrey found out that I had lots of food intolerances and after I quit eating those foods the ear infections stopped. Mom says that  2 days after seeing Dr. Audrey and not eating the foods that were bad for me I started to breath through my nose (when I slept) for the first time since I was a baby.  I like breathing through my nose my throat doesn't get sore anymore.  Mom said that if I couldn't eat some of the foods it would be a good idea for all of us to eat healthier.  - T.W., OK Falls, B.C.


  • My  family of four has been going to Dr. Sherry Ure for many years now.  We had little success with mainstream medicine and have found that our health has been greatly improved with complementary medicine.  I would recommend Dr. Sherry Ure for a healthier lifestyle. - Diane S., Penticton, B.C.

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